Two Key Pillars for a High Accountability, Higher Performance Culture - Livestream Recording

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Your culture always provides someone an edge: you or your competition. In this livestream, Dave covers the two non-negotiable pillars for creating a high accountability, higher performance culture. Dave will clearly define each pillar and provide multiple strategies to support and leverage them for better DAILY performance. The techniques are immediately actionable and will quickly improve team focus, morale, and execution. In uncertain times there is LESS MARGIN FOR ERROR. This is why NOW is the time to focus on the components of your culture that will improve both accountability and performance, and provide you with a significant competitive advantage in your marketplace in the months ahead.  

  • Refocus and maximize each team member's results
  • Maximize each opportunity
  • Maximize each day
  • Strengthen your culture and credibility

This recording includes a handout that accompanied the live version of this training session.



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