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Where Dave talks with members about the tough topics, the real stuff, the mindsets, skills, and strategies that change your business and your life

If you underchallenge yourself, you cheat yourself. And if you underchallenge others, you cheat them too!

The purpose of

DA's War Room

To personally equip you with fresh and focused teaching, coaching, and accountability to accelerate all aspects of your personal development through live teaching and interaction with Dave Anderson:

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Mindset and attitude
  • Habits, routines, and rituals
  • Physical/mental/emotional/spiritual health
  • Character, drive, discipline, consistency, and resilience
  • Work-life balance
  • And much more!

The Target Audience for DA's War Room

Anyone sincerely committed to accelerating their personal and professional growth, while upgrading the lives of those closest to them, irrespective of industry, experience, title, or current success level.

The Topics Taught in DA's War Room

Personal & Team Accountability

Work-Life Balance strategies

Improving personal & Team Daily Execution

In addition to:

  • Establishing and improving habits and routines in all your life arenas
  • Time management in all your life arenas
  • Attitude/brain and mindset development and improvement
  • Emotional control
  • Performing well under pressure
  • Improving mental and physical energy
  • Upgrading your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Strategic thinking techniques and matrixes
  • Improving personal and/or team killer instinct and mental toughness
  • Mastering the art of difficult conversations and feedback
  • Improving attention to detail and excellence in all things
  • Helping yourself and team members find a higher performance gear
  • And much more!

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The Format for DA's

War Room

DA's War Room Coaching Calls are fifty-minute Zoom sessions where Dave teaches and discusses a select topic(s) for thirty-five minutes, followed by fifteen minutes of Q&A from attending members

The Next Scheduled Coaching Calls for DA's War Room

Don't miss Dave's next War Rooms: May 7th and May 21st at 8:30am PST.

*All members are sent the recorded session immediately, regardless if they are able to attend live.









The Benefits of DA's War Room

You'll receive fresh, relevant, and consistent influxes of strategies, inspiration, accountability, and personal attention to accelerate your growth in all life's vital arenas and elevate your morale, your personal fulfillment, your impact, and your results.

These sessions will supplement, reinforce, and expand on topics you've learned at Dave's live seminars, through his books, or from his online courses, to help you further master the essential daily disciplines necessary to reach your goals.

These sessions will help those never before using Dave's training to establish and build upon a highly structured success platform to elevate your excellence in all your life arenas.

The Terms to Join DA's War Room

  • No long-term agreement: month-to-month & pay as you go
  • $198 monthly membership covers both live calls and their recorded versions (add just $50 per month for each additional location).
  • Use individually, share with your team, or utilize for in-house training sessions
  • Attend live and/or receive the recorded version immediately thereafter to build a coaching library you can access and share forever

The Next Step to Join DA's War Room

To become a member of DA's War Room, call our team at 818-735-9503 or join below.

Grow yourself to change yourself. Change yourself and change your life.

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