How to Turn Around Poor Performance - Livestream Recording

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The costs that poor performance inflicts on your organization aren't a one-time-lump-sum payment; rather, it's misery on the installment plan. Poor performance persists in picking your pocket daily in the form of: lost production, broken momentum, lower employee morale, weakened brand and personal credibility, and more. It's a leader's duty to deal with poor performance quickly, professionally, humanely, and effectively, and in this Livestream Dave shows you how to confront and turn around poor performance.  


  • Learn steps to prevent poor performance in the first place.
  • Learn how to address poor performance with confidence, firmness, and tact; including sample word tracks.
  • Learn how to handle the top performer that violates your values.
  • And more!

This on-demand livestream includes a fill-in-the-blank handout that accompanied the live version of this training session.



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