How to Eliminate Hiring Errors - Livestream Recording

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Because the cost of hiring errors is staggering, the ability to assess and hire great people, while weeding out "polished pretenders" is one of a leader's most important roles. You must have the right plan, structure, skillset, and mindset. This session covers all these aspects in very specific detail: 


  • The ONE key to developing the most effective interview mindset.
  • How to use effective interview psychology to improve your image and leverage
  • The most effective interview question samples
  • The best questioning techniques to weed out exaggeration
  • How to make the best candidates want to choose your workplace
  • How to determine if the candidate has the "Five Unteachables"
  • And more!


BONUS: This livestream comes with a downloadable 8-page Hiring Supplement to help you recruit, interview, and hire the great people you're looking for. 

This on-demand livestream includes a fill-in-the-blank handout that accompanied the live version of this training session.



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