Elevate Your Excellence - New for 2023!

Elevate Your Excellence - New for 2023!

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A New Video-Coaching Personal Growth Plan with Dave Anderson for 2023

Elevate Your Excellence and accelerate your personal and team development in 2023 with this new four-part video-coaching series from Dave Anderson.

Once a quarter, Dave will go live on Zoom for 45 minutes on a given theme, and share simple tweaks, techniques, and takeaways for transforming your life one day at a time and elevating your excellence.

Through this video-coaching series you will:

Elevate Yourself (First Quarter Theme)

Upgrade your personal growth, mental and physical health, self-confidence, mental toughness, personal makeup of excellence, and consistency.

Elevate Your Environment (Second Quarter Theme)

Upgrade your home and work environments with greater attention to detail, organization, and surround yourself with excellence in all things.

Elevate Your Associations (Third Quarter Theme)

Upgrade where you spend your time, and with whom you spend it: be more excellent in your personal and work relationships and in your personal and work downtime.

Elevate Your Goalsetting - Get Your Personal Goals, Strategy, & Tactics Right (Fourth Quarter Theme)

Upgrade your goals with boldness, precise plans, consistent daily implementation, ongoing flexibility, and unrelenting persistence.

Further Benefits:

You'll receive a downloadable video of each of the 4 sessions for your personal library and review. You also have the option to join in any of the sessions live for the 45 minutes of content, plus an exclusive 15 minutes of Q&A immediately following the conclusion of the livestream recording.  

A quarterly action PDF of Ten To-Dos and Takeaways to follow through with each quarter will also be emailed along with the downloadable video.

The quarterly coaching sessions will be conducted and videos will be sent to you - regardless of whether you join in live or not - in:

  • December 2022 - Conducted. Receive the instant download of this livestream upon purchase.
  • March 21, 2023
  • June 2023
  • October 2023

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