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Dave is refreshingly direct in his observations on how to improve your performance. He is filled with practical advice that will challenge even the most skilled leaders to greatness.

Ed Bastian
CEO, Delta Airlines

I realized Dave Anderson was a communicator the first time I heard him speak at a meeting for my non-profit organization EQUIP. His down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach immediately connected with the audience, which made the ideas he shared that day refreshing and effective.

John C. Maxwell
World's #1 Leadership Guru, Bestselling author

Dave offers a truly excellent road map to self evaluate one's actions in success and failure to work towards continuous improvement in all things that we deem important in our lives.

Brad Bartlett
President, Dole Packaged Foods

So many speakers delicately dance around sensitive subjects with the fear of appearing insulting or insensitive. Dave Anderson attacks the components of success, or lack thereof, head on and addresses real scenarios along with presenting tools for yielding positive results. He took the floor for two hours and had the team's undivided attention with a remarkably inspirational listen. Now I won't give all the credit for the next day's 64-54 beating of #2 and 17-0 Michigan, but there is no doubt we had a depth of fire and mental toughness we had previously failed to show consistently.

Greg Gard
Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of Wisconsin Badgers

Dave Anderson uses direct, pull-no-punches honesty to encourage best effort for your most fulfilling life.

Tom Ziglar
CEO, Ziglar, Inc., and proud son of Zig Ziglar

Dave Anderson captivatingly delivers vision, inspiration, confidence, and go-to strategies, with all complexity removed.

Tom Crean
Head Basketball Coach, Indiana Hoosers, Georgia Bulldogs, ESPN Analyst

Dave Anderson is a man that I met when I launched my company, and has been a mentor to us since day one. In our first year we did $9 million in sales. We just finished our 9th year with over $700 million in paid sales. Dave's honest, transparent, intuitive, and challenging way to discuss business, sales, and leadership is second to none. Dave has spoken at our annual convention every year that we've been in business, and for the last 9 years - with audiences of 10,000 and above - every year when we do our surveys for our attendees, Dave Anderson is the most impactful and favorite speaker of the crowds. And we've had some of the biggest names in multiple businesses speak at our convention. Dave is by far and away our favorite speaker, but more importantly the favorite of our agents, our managers, and our other partners.

Shawn Meaike
President, Family First Life

Today's meeting was great indeed, I'm receiving awesome feedback! What is Dave's availability for our next meeting in late July?

Hernan Chavez
Abbott Laboratories

After eight years speaking at our national convention, you once again led the pack of speakers in scores and even surpassed last year! Are you available once again?

Melody Nobis
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

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Whether for an intimate executive team or for tens of thousands Dave will immerse your team in the principles that will transform their personal lives, and professional careers, and build a consistency of mindset, behaviors, and results across your entire organization.

International Speaker, Author & Performance Improvement Coach

Dave Anderson

The author of 15 books on performance improvement (his 16th, Elevate Your Excellence: The Power of Doing Ordinary Things Extraordinarily Well, releasing in 2024) and host of the wildly popular podcast, The Game Changer Life, Dave's message has impacted leaders in over 174 countries.

"Holding people accountable is uncomfortable. What's worse is having people fail because you won't coach, confront, or correct them. Accountability is something you do for someone, not to someone."

Meet "Mr. Accountability"

Prior to beginning LearnToLead, Dave enjoyed an extensive career leading some of the most successful automotive retail dealerships in the United States. His articles and interviews on leadership have appeared in hundreds of media outlets including: The Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, US News & World Report, and MSNBC's Your Business. Dave's no-nonsense-, often-humorous-, immediately-applicable messages and principles resonate with audiences worldwide and have earned him the nickname, "Mr. Accountability."

Focused, Timely, & Relevant

Training Content

Focus your training efforts on the issues most relevant to your team and organization in the moment. With Dave's background of starting and running world-class businesses, and working as a mindset and performance coach for collegiate and professional athletes, and athletic teams, he teaches groups of any size ranging from intimate executive teams to tens of thousands, and can speak to a wide array topics including: accountability, building culture, improving teamwork, improving mindset and personal performance, and more.

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Become a League of Your Own

How to create extreme differentiation in the customer experience.

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How to Master the art of execution

Creating vision and strategy without facilitating consistent and effective execution is mostly an exercise in futility. In fact, the last thing most organizations need is another goal they'll fall short of because they can't execute effectively. Laying out a widely-applicable, immediately-actionable, five-step process for mastering the art of execution, Dave leaves guests with the techniques for driving greater and more consistent results.

Stay Hungry with a "Red Belt" Mindset

As a second-degree black belt in Karate, Dave in his message shares a key martial arts principle that's universally applicable for overcoming complacency, and staying hungry as you move towards your most essential goals. Outlining how hunger is an "inside job," and how one can stir up and accelerate hunger - as well as how to overcome hunger extinguishers that can drain your drive, energy, and motivation - Dave shares how to keep a challenger's mindset...a "Red Belt" mindset.

Your "Rats" Don't Define You

In this inspiring talk Dave describes five changes he made on his journey from: leaving high school (and never attending college); to going broke in a family business at twenty years old; to living in a furniture-less and rat-infested house for over a year; to working his way out to build an international company that has positively impacted millions. The five changes he shares are choices everyone has the power to make regardless of genetics, upbringing, schooling, ethnicity, gender, bad breaks, and the like.

Build, Protect, & Differentiate your High-Performance Culture

Culture dictates behaviors, and behaviors determine results. For an organization to upgrade results, it must improve behaviors, and the key to accomplishing this successfully is to consistently and intentionally improve your culture. In this talk Dave breaks down culture into 5 key pillars, and offers actionable steps every team member can take to do their part in building a culture that's stronger, better, and more attractive to work in than a competitor's.

"Uncoachable people make excuses to protect their confidence. Coachable people gain confidence by listening to feedback, learning, adjusting, and trying again."

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True Grit: The Seven Top Traits of Mentally Tough Leaders

Developing the mental toughness needed to toughen up, tighten up, and step up as a leader.

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Maximize Accountability with Maximum Leadership

How to create the conditions for stronger accountability despite increasingly entitled and politically correct times.

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