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Inner Circle

Accelerate growth to peak levels with Dave's new exclusive coaching club

Why Join Dave's Inner Circle?

The Inner Circle is a new coaching service from Dave Anderson, providing members with a suite of in-depth coaching from Dave himself through a variety of Zoom coaching opportunities, public workshop experiences, and more. Whether you consider yourself and/or your team members as needing an occasional coaching tune-up, or a more intensive mentoring process, there's something for everyone as an Inner Circle member.


Committing to a year of intentional growth with this 12-month membership allows for advancing oneself and/or one's team systematically and exponentially.


Get growth principles and stratetgies straight from Dave himself, as all zooms and workshops are coached and conducted by him personally.


The growth process and one-on-one coaching zooms are custom tailored around your and/or your team members' personal and professional needs - as goals and objectives change, as certain challenges and situations arise, and more.


Use one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions and workshop seats personally - or share them with team members, family, etc. - at a cadence that works for you within the 12-month membership period.

Easy Membership

Membership is simple with no long term contracts or commitments, a simple 30-day cancellation (see FAQs), and easy monthly payments.

Discover the 3 levels of membership

Which level of attention and engagement will you choose to accelerate your and/or your team's growth?

Individuals and organizations have the opportunity to invest in a year-long membership within the program. New membership sales are available by joining below online, or by contacting our team. Due to the customized coaching aspect of the Club, the quantity of memberships available at a particular level may be limited or unavailable at any given time.

All Inner Circle memberships save you thousands of dollars per year over what the services included would cost if purchased separately.

Memberships are taken at this time. If you would like to join our waitlist contact our team by emailing Ryan@learntolead.com, or by calling at 818-735-9503. 

One-on-one Coaching Zooms

Drive next level growth through one-on-one Zooms with Dave. Enjoy the direct connection with Dave as he guides you in developing the strategies, tactics, and disciplines to reach your goals - and holds you accountable during the process.

Use them personally, or share them with team members, family, etc. All coaching sessions recorded for review and sharing.

Elite Center Workshops

Taught exclusively by Dave himself at our world class training facility, the Elite Center, our year-round public workshops set the stage for you to reinforce what teachings you've gained from Dave in a live, in-person setting. Our Elite Center is an intimate venue, welcoming an audience from from a variety of industries to gather for an engaging experience.

Personal Cell phone Access

Have a sudden challenge, question, or need a boost? Text or call Dave's personal cell...it's a Premier member privilege. For primary contact/user only, if membership is shared amongst a team.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Join

Select the membership level that best fits your personal and/or team's current needs.

Step 2: Goals & Objectives

Upon enrollment, you'll receive a personal profile questionnaire concerning your goals, challenges, and objectives.

Step 3: Introductory Zoom

Once we've received your completed questionnaire, you'll have a complimentary introductory Zoom with Dave where he will discuss how the coaching process will work, and answer any questions you may have.

Growth principles based on

Three decades of success

Dave's no-nonsense, often humorous, principles from his in-the-trenches background of starting and running world-class businesses resonate with business professionals and athletes worldwide.


The Inner Circle is a 12-month coaching membership service offering private one-on-one coaching Zooms, public workshop experiences, and more from Dave Anderson.

Membership levels range from $500 to $1750 a month. No extra costs, no contracts. With several membership levels featuring a variety of coaching opportunities and benefits, you can select the level that's right for you and/or your team.

You have the flexibility to schedule your personal coaching zooms as soon as you like, and at any cadence, provided Dave's availability. A monthly session tends to be the most common interval, though this can vary depending: on one's goals and objectives; receptiveness to feedback and coaching; persistence, willingness, and consistency in implementing strategies; etc.

Absolutely! The personal coaching zooms and workshop seat(s) are yours to use as you like. If there's someone you'd like to help grow and impact by gifting them a zoom or workshop seat, you are welcome to.

Your workshop seat(s) can be used towards any public workshop we hold here at our Elite Center, so you can use it/them towards a class that benefits you the most. Our workshops are limited in capacity for a more intimate, exclusive, and impactful session, and classes are subject to close without advance notice once capacity is reached. To avoid missing out on your preferred session we recommend reserving your seat as soon as possible.

While you may not swap Zoom sessions for workshop seats, you may exchange workshop seats for Zoom sessions.

Absolutely! All personal coaching Zooms are recorded and shared so you can refer back to them as needed.

With the personal customization and accountability aspects of the coaching relationship between Dave and members, we appreciate your understanding that all services are "use or lose" within twelve months of enrolling. Naturally, members will experience a greater impact when they're fully able to maximize the Club's coaching benefits; thus, we encourage members who are not able to use their personal zooms or workshop seat(s) for whatever reason within twelve months of enrolling, to consider gifting it to a family member, friend, colleague, etc., to help them grow.

While membership is based on a 12-month program, there are no pesky contracts and no commitments. You can easily cancel your membership within your customer profile in our online shop, or by sending us an email at support@learntolead.com.

Please Note: In the event workshop seats are used prior to cancellation, cancellation can take effect once the total amount of membership fees received equates to the full investment of workshop seat(s) used.

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