Unlimited Key: Become a Game Changer

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Purchase this USB drive and have full, unlimited access to Dave's Become a Game Changer video program.

In this program, Dave provides you with insight on the four primary mindsets people can have within an organization (undertakers, caretakers, playmakers, and game changers) and gives specific steps to take in order to develop yourself and become the most influential of these - the game changer. Game changers are relentless - striving not to become "great" at what they do, but to become "the best" at what they do.

This program is comprised of multiple courses totaling 2hrs; you can go at your own pace and watch it in smaller segments or complete it all at once.


Use it unlimited times, share it unlimited ways, train unlimited people!

Included Courses:

How to Become a Game Changer in Your Organization! Part 1

How to Become a Game Changer in Your Organization! Part 2

The Power of Right Body Language!

How to Stay in Your "Execution Zone!"


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