ONE DAY: September 12, 2019 How to Master the Art of Execution! at Elite Center

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$795 per person.

I'm already a Dave Anderson fan, but this book puts it on another level! His direct, in-your-face way of explaining the basics is just what we all need sometimes to get ourselves into gear. And the fact that he included insight and personal stories from himself as well as a variety of other influential leaders added a new dynamic making it a quick read with tons of useful information. It's one of those books that should be read over again each month.

I found this book to be very relatable to anyone looking to grow and improve their life, in all areas of business, relationships, etc. Dave provides strategies and ideas to implement into your daily routine that are actually simple and doable (so there's no excuse) but also very effective. I've already started on a few of his suggestions and am feeling more productive and clearer in my daily mindset, giving me a new energy to each day! I got so much out of Unstoppable, it's definitely a must read!

This Elite workshop presents a comprehensive execution process for teaching everyone in your organization how to convert vision and strategy into results using Dave Anderson's Five Disciplines of Execution (5DX).


Workshop includes:

  • All workshop materials.
  • Fully catered breakfasts, lunches and snacks each day.


In this Elite Workshop there will be:

Breakout sessions in private breakout rooms to work on course material and prepare action plans for returning to your organization.

Intimate class size and personal coaching from Dave on how to improve individual execution issues you currently face.

Five week video course follow up to reinforce and assist application.


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This workshop will be held at our new LearnToLead Elite Center, located in Agoura Hills, CA just 35 miles north of Los Angeles and 15 miles east of Malibu. Take a virtual tour of the Elite Center here!



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