ONE DAY: April 23, 2019 Build a Team of Eagles! at Elite Center

Price: $795.00

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$795 per person


Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring exceptional people is one of the most vital contributions that you can make to your organization as a leader. Get it right, and things can get better for your organization fast. Get it wrong, and there's much to lose.

Yet with all that lies at stake from even just one potential mis-hire, many organizations do not give these strategies the attention they need, and often rush to lower the bar for the next warm body that comes along, let them stumble over, and join the ranks of their team. 


Workshop includes:

  • All workshop materials.
  • Fully catered breakfasts, lunches and snacks each day.


In this Elite Workshop:

  • Engage in hands-on, role-play, and interview situations during the class.
  • Create an interview structure and philosophy that's designed to fire the wrong people before you hire.
  • Learn how to build a proactive and multi-faceted recruiting strategy to develop a pipeline of top talent.
  • Discover keys to avoid making emotional or "gut" hiring decisions.
  • Leave with the ability to take interviews from casual conversations to fact-finding expeditions, with structured character - and competence - based questions.
  • Breakout sessions in private breakout rooms to work on course material and prepare action plans for returning to your organization.
  • Class interaction and idea-sharing to glean best practices from the industry's biggest and brightest. 


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This workshop will be held at our new LearnToLead Elite Center, located in Agoura Hills, CA just 35 miles north of Los Angeles and 15 miles east of Malibu. Take a virtual tour of the Elite Center here!



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